At Kade, we follow a detailed set of best-practice processes designed to maximize value for our clients. We treat our clients with respect, communicating with consistency and concern for their satisfaction. We don’t surprise with unnecessary costs or delays, and we handle project changes with level-headed flexibility and efficiency.

We build to the highest standards, using only quality materials and top contractors. We sweat details, knowing they matter between good enough and just right. We work hard and work smart for ultimate client satisfaction. Although every project differs, here’s how a typical job proceeds, with the goal to create something just right for our clients.


Initial Consultation

Consultation to review the project typically takes 1-2 hours.
  • Discuss homeowner needs
  • Brainstorm and discuss options
  • Discuss design and finishes
  • Discuss need for designer
  • Take measurements and rough layouts
  • Schedule follow-up meeting


Estimate & Plan

Typically takes 10-15 Days. Major projects may require additional time and review.
  • Project designs, layouts and drawings are distributed to subcontractors
  • Estimates are created and reviewed with subcontractors
  • Site visits maybe required
  • Estimate is drafted


Follow-up Meeting

Review of estimate and design plans with client typically takes about 1 hour.
  • Review topics from Initial Meeting
  • Discuss process of moving forward
  • Discuss needed estimate modifications
  • Additional estimates and design maybe required


Homeowner Decision

Homeowner decides to move forward with Kade.
  • Deposit requested for materials procurement
  • Scheduling begins
  • Discuss Client & Kade expectations
  • Project contract is drafted


Project Agreement

Review of contract details and terms typically takes 1-2 Hours.
  • Review project estimate
  • Review project schedule
  • Review material selections
  • Review and sign contract
  • Collect deposit
  • Review Client & Kade expectations


Project Start

Subcontractors arrive at specified time, typically 8:30 on 1st available Monday, with 1-2 management team site visits daily.

Weekly Review (typically Friday) includes:

  • Review of build schedule
  • Pay requests review and payment
  • Review progress
  • Discuss and resolve outstanding issues


Project Completion

Kade reviews work and makes sure client is 100% satisfied.
  • Create punch list prior to completion
  • Punch walk-through scheduled with homeowner
  • Discuss expectations for completion
  • 10% Retainage is left out of budget for Final Pay Request
  • Final Payment and Walk for Satisfaction is scheduled for final approval


Project Close-out

Kade confirms all important details for going forward.
  • Contact information for warranty items discussed
  • 6 month list and 1 year list
  • Contact information for subcontractors for immediate response
  • Certificate of Completion

Our Project Management Software

We utilize award-winning project management software that keeps your construction project on time and on budget while maximizing the communication and efficiency that has become a Kade hallmark.

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