Does Kade provide free project estimates?
AWe are unable to offer free estimates. However, after our initial free consultation, if the prospective client wants to consider using our services, we will prepare a Cost Planning Agreement. This agreement provides the prospective client with a basic set of project plans and a detailed custom estimate of costs, along with 3D renderings, elevations, and selection details upon request. If we are hired as the General Contractor, we then credit half of the Cost Planning costs toward the total costs of the project.
How much do basement renovations and finishes cost? How long do they take too complete?
ABasement renovations and finishes can vary significantly in terms of costs. If homeowners are able to communicate their anticipated level of investment, we can provide end result options that can be achieved. Costs are driven largely by square footage, selections of flooring, tile, and so on, as well as how the space will be used – for example, if a full kitchen or bathroom will be included. Completion time for basements is generally about 8-12 weeks.
How much will my master bathroom cost to remodel? How long will it take to complete?
AMaster bathroom renovations generally range between $20,000 and $50,000. Cost of big ticket items depend on size of the space and product selections (e.g. natural stone tile vs. more cost effective porcelain). Master bathrooms generally take 4-6 weeks to complete.
How much will a kitchen renovation cost to remodel?
AKitchen renovations can vary in a similar way to master bathrooms, depending on selections and size of the space. Another vital factor to consider are the type and style of cabinetry included in the plan, since these costsaffect the costs of the overall project significantly. Kitchen renovations generally take 4-8 weeks.
Does Kade carry insurance?
AYes, we carry general liability and worker’s compensation policies, and we require that each of our sub-contractors who enter the construction site carry adequate coverage levels of these products.
Will Kade complete the entire renovation or only parts of the project?
AWe prefer to handle the entire renovation, delivering a completely turn-key product. Working with other homeowner-provided vendors can lead to issues with scheduling, item warranties, and overall monitoring of the project. At Kade, we run tight schedules with vendors and subcontractors that have worked with us on many projects. When we stray from that tried-and-true systematic approach, delays in the schedule and questions of quality from unreliable sources leads to client dissatisfaction.
Does Kade come to our home and meet with us?
AAbsolutely. When we schedule an initial consultation, we will meet at the client’s home. This allows us to get a better feel of the space, take measurements and photos, and develop a personal relationship to ensure we will work well together.
How long does it take to receive an estimate?
AEstimates generally require about 2-3 weeks to complete. Depending on the size of the project, we spend from 10 hours to 30 hours preparing a custom, detailed and itemized estimate. We work to eliminate any surprises or uncaptured construction details, so there are not any vagaries. During the process, want strive to provide clients with their dream renovation needs and wants while sticking to their top priorities.
We received another estimate that was significantly less. Why is this?
AFew contractors operate like Kade, nor do many provide as detailed of an estimate. Homeowners comparing multiple bids should take time to compare apples to apples. Kade estimates include EVERYTHING needed to complete the project turn-key. Many contractors leave out material costs they ultimately require the client to supply; for example, hard to transport items like tile, hardwood flooring, plumbing fixtures, and so on. We provide allowances for these items and have them delivered directly to the construction site. Also verify whether contractors carry their own insurance and have sustainable overhead, such as a physical office building, and adequate amount of subcontractors and support staff. At Kade, we have all of this and have earned a reliable reputation within our North Atlanta community. In short, homeowners who choose Kade can rest assured we will not disappear during or after the project, due to lack of financial stability.
What if there’s a problem a year after the renovation?
AWe stand behind all our work and provide a one-year warranty. We are adamant about following up after one year to check in and make sure everything has performed as expected. Even after a year, we provide partial warranty for specific items and situations.
What if we are not up-to-date on current residential trends or need design help?
ANo need to worry. We have in-house design services along with a management team who can provide design and stylistic assistance. When our clients make their product selections, our vendors with whom we have developed strong relationships over the years act as designers in their given areas of expertise, such as tile, plumbing fixtures, granite, flooring, and so on. We also encourage our clients to use social media, like Pinterest and Houzz, to encourage collaboration and incorporation of viable styles in their project.
What if I want to build a new home instead of renovate?
AKade is well equipped to build custom homes, and custom home building is often preferred by our clients when compared to contracting volume home builders, which tend toward lower quality and limited finish options. By building a custom home with Kade, homeowners are not restricted to stay within selection guidelines, such as having only 3 options for granite, or being limited to pre-fabricated hardwood flooring. In contrast, we work with each of our clients to make their exact dream home vision a reality.
Does Kade have an office we can visit?
AYes! We are located in downtown Cumming right next to the park. We acquired our building in 2011 when our owner Dan Cipriani decided to relocate from the Keller Williams office. We take pride not only in each of our client projects, but also our own office projects, like landscaping and interior improvements. We are truly passionate about construction and maximizing any space!
What if we only want to buy cabinetry instead of a complete renovation?
ANo problem! Kade Cabinet Co. is completely separate from Kade Homes and Renovations, even though the two often work together on many projects. When our clients buy cabinetry directly through Kade, they still have access to our same great quality products, our custom design services, and our project expertise.
Does Kade have a cabinetry showroom we can visit?
AAbsolutely! Our showroom is located at our office in downtown Cumming right next to the park, and we are making plans to eventually develop a separate showroom in south Cumming off of 400.
I’ve had a bad experience with a contractor. Is Kade really any different?
AWe’ve heard the stories, and we hate the terrible experiences some homeowners have had. Bad apples can give an industry a negative reputation, but at Kade, we work hard and work smart to provide our clients with the best quality results, through our team of well-trained professionals who genuinely care about projects as if they were in their own homes. Hiccups can occur in any construction project, no matter how well planned. And at Kade, we handle such situations and make them right! If a client ever has an issue, we ALWAYS answer our phone unless we are meeting with another homeowner, and we will always call back in a timely manner. We hire the best people to deliver the best service, and since we have worked hard to earn our reputation throughout North Atlanta, our clients can be assured we will be here for their project and after.

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