At Kade, we deliver home remodeling and architectural design services to homeowners in the most beautiful greater Atlanta neighborhoods. We capture our clients’ personal styles by first learning their unique needs, then designing functional, enjoyable spaces that deliver significant return on client investment.

From classic spaces to the latest residential trends, our attention to detail is reflected in every project, regardless of size or complexity. Whether it’s a new kitchen, bathroom, custom closet, finished basement, office, or outdoor area, we’d love to discuss your next renovation project.

Kade is Better

Kade isn’t like typical custom builders. We go above and beyond for our clients to build homes and spaces that fit form and function while delivering long term return on investment.

Superior Craftsmanship

We build to the highest standards, using only high quality materials and top-notch contractors.

Service Excellence

We treat our clients with respect, communicating with consistency and concern for their satisfaction.

Return on Investment

We build houses that wow their owners and increase property values now and in the long term.

Form Function Balance

We design and build beautiful spaces that work unfailingly for our clients and their daily lives.

Attention to Detail

We sweat the little details, knowing they make the difference between good enough – and just right.

On time, On budget.

We value our clients’ time and money. We make detailed plans and follow them carefully to avoid wasting either.

Bathroom Renovations

Want to transform that dated bathroom into a 5-star spa? Or perhaps a Jack and Jill bathroom for the kids. From reconfigured floor plans to full tear-outs, we offer countless bathroom options. We work with our clients to design the right bathroom, then obtain all necessary permits to get the job started and finished ASAP.

We use custom cabinetry, natural stone, decorative tile, built-in Jacuzzis, double showers, saunas, countertops, sinks, custom wall coverings and lighting, all to craft the perfect bathroom with a balance of form and function while adhering to the highest standards of craftsmanship.


Bathroom Cabinets


Bathroom Cabinets


Kitchen Renovations

At Kade, we create kitchens that increase home value while providing highly functional, livable, beautiful spaces for our clients. Designing and building the right kitchen requires significant time and money, and we work with clients to ensure projects are completed on time and on budget while meeting the highest standards of style and craftsmanship.

From cutting edge design ideas to finding the right fixtures, we capture our clients’ unique styles. Our broad range of kitchen renovation services includes custom cabinetry and hardware, built-in appliances, natural stone flooring, countertops and sinks, decorative paints and finishes, backsplashes and custom tile, kitchen islands, custom lighting and fixtures, and outdoor kitchens.


Kade Made Home Renovations




Basement Renovations

Basement finishing

While being a wise investment that increases the home value, a finished or remodeled basement increases living space, functionality and overall home enjoyment. We handle all sorts of basement projects.

Home theatre

From watching the Super Bowl to hosting a Kentucky Derby party, home theatres are a great way to spend more time with friends and family.

Family room

Creating a spacious, comfortable, enjoyable family room in the basement brings a whole new meaning to family night.


Whether a kid-friendly environment or a chill room for the teenagers, this addition increases piece of mind as much as property values.

Home office

With working from home the new normal, dedicated work spaces are a practical solution to achieving work-life balance.


A personal gym allows any-time exercise in complete privacy without fighting traffic or waiting to use equipment.

In-law apartment

A separate living area with all the amenities of a house creates a relaxing environment that feels like home away from home.

Basement Family Room

Home Theater


Basement Family Room

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